Terrace House – Opening New Doors S02E02 – Week 10

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Translations by Netflix. MKV release by Terrible House.

Synposis: The new house mate drinks wine. Lots of it. In fact, drinking wine is her only interest.

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  • Guest007

    Thank you, Oji!
    Not really sure what to feel about her coming back though.

  • Maya Solana-Wood

    you are amazing Oji!!!! thanks a lot.

  • Greg

    No way! Talk about ruining the series with the ‘new’ female.
    Thanks for the upload.

  • Raidori07

    the only way im going to be happy with seina san coming back is if she actually is looking for and finds romance. the other new guy and shion san are possible targets. otherwise it’s going to be miserable with her and the other girls their like oil and water. she won’t mix and will be ‘isolated’ from the girls’ circle. and seina will definitely have some things to say about that. Thanks Oji!

  • Thanks.

  • Jon Chui-Rapley

    This is a magic day! I can’t wait for the release of next week’s episode!
    Thank you Oji!

  • Tikit

    Oji you’re the best!

  • jp2123

    wow what a clash of personalities. Seina doesn’t fit AT ALL with the other girls smh. Honestly this has been the worst Terrace House so far. Maybe Seina is the evil we need.

  • przidnt

    Thanks for coming up with this sub so quickly. I think I know why. THE QUEEN IS BACK!

  • guest09

    no subtitles in my file… 🙁

  • Rollie Roar

    Best episode among the last three Terrace House, possibly even better than most episodes in BGND. When she appeared I literally yelled “HOLY SHIT” in front of the TV!!!!! FINALLY WE ARE IN FOR SOME DRAMA!!!!

  • Rollie Roar

    Friendly warning to those who haven’t seen the episode, don’t scroll down before you watch this episode – there are spoiler comments that directly ruin the surprise.

  • yuudaiclone

    thanks!! and yes, seina. i feel like she’s overwriting/redoing that guy’s arc from aloha state with her quest for her last love or whatever.

    • przidnt

      Taishi… “a love worht dying for!” LMFAOOO!

  • Is that Seina? <3