Terrace House – Opening New Doors S02E01 – Week 09

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Translations by Netflix. MKV release by Terrible House.

(This episode had lots of signs to be translated. Also I’m going to encode OND with HEVC from now on.)

IMPORTANT: Use VLC or MPV to play your video.

Synposis: Shion and Tsubasa goes to a temple to smoke. Tsubasa has her hockey match. Yuudai cooks food for the first time ever. Someone is a Minimum Viable Product.

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  • Marlene Aguilera

    Thank you! I can’t wait to watch 🙂

  • Jon Chui-Rapley

    Thanks for the upload, but is anyone else getting sound only (no video)?

    • Jessie

      I got both video and sound. Maybe you can try download again.

      • Jon Chui-Rapley

        I did but still nothing – says it cannot play undf format – first time I’ve ever encountered this.

      • Jon Chui-Rapley

        Ok, downloaded Soda Player instead – works now

    • Rollie Roar

      I had to try out different playing software too

  • Jessie

    Thank you so much!

  • Sacchan

    Thank you!

  • Ashley Ng


  • Rania

    How can I watch it, on my phone?

    • ton gallardo

      try VLC player app

  • ton gallardo

    thank you for encoding this with HEVC. makes it a bit smaller in file size. also, can i re-encode the episodes to smaller reso, and then upload as t0rr3nt?

  • Warren Stone

    thank you as always for your work, but is there any chance this can be uploaded in the usual format? i usually watch on the ps4 and it doesn’t recognise the filem

    • Kate Greenwood

      I’m in the same boat 🙁 please let me know if you figured a workaround for this!

  • dannib

    Does anyone know the song playing during Tsubasa and Shion’s temple date? It sounds so familiar but I can’t place it! Dx

    • joe joe

      JP Cooper – Passport Home i recognize his voice lol

  • Robert

    Arigatou, Oji-san!

  • Luffy Asanome

    very thanks

  • Peter Sattler

    Thanks! The notes for signs, references, and slang are just great!

    • Peter Sattler

      But wait…… “nipple machine”??????