Terrace House – Opening New Doors S01E08 – Week 08

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Translations by Netflix. MKV release by Terrible House.

(OND sometimes takes longer due to being busy, also the episodes are longer and I need to check Netflix’s translations. Also, it’s not as good as Tecchan House. Love Tecchan.)

Edit: Sorry, I forgot to seed the torrent. Totally something Yuudai would do.

Synopsis: Taka goes for the instructor effect. Someone gets laid.

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  • ia5rumas


  • callonesoon

    Yes, indeed! Tecchan’s House is still the best. Tetsuya can teach Yuudai a thing or two about how to interact with people, especially with women, and about how to be a good human being, despite the many disappointments that one encounters in life. Again, thank you!

  • Peter Sattler

    anyone else having trouble making this torrent work?

    • alannaofdoom

      Yep it’s not working for me

    • Guest007

      Not able to download too. I thought it was my internet connection!

    • Jon Chui-Rapley

      I’m guessing I’ll have to try watching tomorrow. I’m glad that we finally get to see ep. 8 though

    • kamiller.

      i thought I was the only one having problems 🙁
      How to watch without downloading??

    • Athip Vichuchaianan

      Not working too

    • Johann Stuart Tan Chan

      no one is seeding it

  • Jessie

    Thank you so much !

  • BeaveVillage

    Magnet’s not working, what up?

  • Prateek M

    Yeah torrent also not working for me

  • Tasia

    yup torrent isnt working

  • saul

    Torrent not working :'(

  • Jakoby Glassman

    not working

  • briah sohn

    this is the worst feeling tease ever to be excited all week for this release and being denied .. lmao

  • Rollie Roar

    According to BitComet there are over 1200 people waiting for the seed for this torrent…

    • BeaveVillage

      1200 computers, each linked to someone either watches with a family/friends (which can be any range of people) or by themselves, so plenty more people waiting than that!

      • Rollie Roar

        Good point. Goes to show the impact of Oji’s work!

  • Cat Shew

    Would somebody please fix the torrent? It’s been over 15 hours and STILL no seeds. There’s no use putting so much energy into your releases if you don’t have the time to check that your uploads are working properly :/

  • Paul Rymer

    Another impatient person here waiting for the torrent to work!

  • Nora Andria Holt

    still not working 🙁

  • Prateek M

    Is there anyway to fix the torrent?

  • ia5rumas

    please chill. we are not paying for this. someone is doing it out of the goodness of his heart.

    • Sabrina Wong

      seriously! everyone should join the patreon though, help forward this noble cause

      • Jon Chui-Rapley

        The Patreon is for CostcoSubs (who do the translation for BGND for use with NF) – Oji just compiles them together with video for people who don’t want to use/can’t access VPNs but he states himself that he is doing this strictly pro bono so there’s no real way to support this site other than give thanks and not get it flagged.

        • Sabrina Wong

          Ah, good info. Truly a collaborative effort!

          Oji-san, you’re my hero

  • Ougi

    Is it still not fixed?

  • Kuze

    The torrent is not working. I need assistance ending my life.

  • Tikit

    Torrent still not working. This hurts O.O

  • Jon Chui-Rapley

    Celebrations, it works now ^_^!
    Edit: with a bit of buffering invloved

  • Tikit

    Link is finally working! Yay! Thank you costco subs and Oji (creepy dude :D).

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  • Team OG Mizuki

    first time torrenting…finally got it downloaded, but there don’t seem to be any subtitles? am i supposed to enable them somewhere?

    • Team OG Mizuki

      JK got it! Thank you for putting in the time and effort!

    • tuff

      how did you get it to work?
      edit: i see why you said nvm lol… i got it now 1 hr later

  • Athip Vichuchaianan

    Working now!! Thanks 😀

  • Robert

    Arigatou for the fix, Yuudai! 😉
    but really, appreciate your time, Oji!

  • tuff

    how do i get the captions to work?

    edit: nvm

  • Paul Rymer

    Thank you for the fix. Yuudai??? How deluded is he!?

  • m1k4

    it took a long time to start, but it works at some point. Around 10mins for me.
    Thanks for the rip and the edit from Terrible House & the translation from costco !!!
    (join the discord server ppl, it’s a lot of fun :p )

  • Luffy Asanome

    very thanks, great quality!
    Anxious for next episode ^^:

  • jp2123

    This kid is the worse member I have seen in all of terrace house. He should have left 8 weeks ago… Needs to grow up some more, maybe his friends isolate him by telling him truth instead of indulging in his own self lies.

  • yuudaiclone


  • Maya Solana-Wood

    I am definitely desperate for episode 9.!!!!!!!!!! seen some spoilers and that just teased me so much, now I’m hopeless.