Terrace House – Opening New Doors S01E03 – Week 03

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Translations by Netflix. MKV release by Terrible House.

(Finally back from Christmas and New Years vacation. It was not terrible)

Synopsis: Shion is aspiring to be the next Tappu. Takayuki shows videos of him snowboarding naked. Tsubasa brings everyone to her father’s Soba restaurant.

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  • Kuze

    The hero we need. Welcome back.

  • Cory

    Thank you!!!!

  • Robert

    Glad you didn’t have a terrible Christmas or New Years!

  • Dared00

    Happy new year!

  • przidnt

    Welcome back and thanks for the episode. So far, OND is not nearly as #terrible as AS.

  • ichidome

    thanks!! (nice screenshot, too)

  • minnie juliet (minniejuliet)

    I downloaded the torrent with utorrent but there are no subs?? Can anyone help please??


    • rah

      I had the same problem! Tried opening the video again and still no luck… however, randomly clicked on the Japanese subtitles that they normally have, and the English subtitles popped up!! Must be a mistake on their side?

      • I Hate Loli’s And Harems.

        I can’t seem to find the translation either, was their already japanese subtitles at the bottom for you or not?

        • Shabna B

          Go to where the subtitles selection normally is – and then click on Japanese 🙂 English subtitles should pop up

          • I Hate Loli’s And Harems.

            thank you

  • mademoiselleky

    Yay!! Thank you so much & welcome back 😀

  • Manon2v

    Hi Guys.
    I am wondering, are you stopping translating the first first season of Terrace House ‘Boys x Girls next door’ ?
    ‘Cause I still wanna watch it !!!
    So I am wondering if there is still hope that you keep translating ‘Boys x Girls next door’ =( .. I need more Seina’s moment !!
    Please let me know, thank you.

  • Valentine Hogan

    Are we going to get episode 4?

  • abizar

    Episode 4 pls )):