Terrace House – Opening New Doors S01E02 – Week 02

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Translations by Netflix. MKV release by Terrible House.

(We had to fix some of Netflix’s translations, they are not as good as Costco Subs).

Synopsis: Yuudai makes breakfast for everyone to impress, but the result is rather terrible. Yuudai then tries to teach Ami cooking. Shion makes a move on Captain Tsubasa.

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  • Thanks!

    “Captain Tsubasa” hmm… I see what you did there =D

  • Sahin Sibak

    thank you , i am glad we got terrance house back but honestly i dont like the characters yet, if i compare to the other terrace houses i felt more comfortable with the characters after the first 2 episodes,

    • przidnt

      No, I have the OND initial cast clearly ahead of AS and about in the same range as BGITC. I really loved/love the original BGND cast so I have them at #1

  • ichidome

    awesome, thanks!!

  • Kuze


  • przidnt

    Thanks! I don’t read your “spoilers” until after watching the Ep, but they are damn hilarious to read afterwords..

    • Ken Q

      Yes i avoid terriblehouse site and camp at nyaa because of the synopsis spoiler. Suggest using some spoiler hiding codes like reddit.

  • underexposed

    Thank you!!!!

  • Guest007

    Thank you! Happy holidays!

  • BR

    I’m confused. Where are the subs?

  • Cory

    Thanks so much

  • ㅋㄹ

    netflix’s translations always sucks, im glad we have u to fix them!

  • Ninja

    I don’t know how to play torrent videos. Can someone help?

    • Michelle Nguyen

      download soda player to play torrent files, or use something like utorrent to download and convert it to a mkv file

      • Ninja


      • Dramalava

        Thank you Michelle! I can now download and watch the episodes! You win this week!!

  • Peter Sattler

    Best subs yet! The “bit” footnote was a hoot.

  • lostasock

    Are the Japanese subtitles for this around anywhere? Episode 1 contains them (titled 月語, in ASS format), but they are not in episodes 2 or 3.