Terrace House – Opening New Doors S01E01 – Week 01

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Translations by Netflix. MKV release by Terrible House.

Synopsis: The social experiment of Terrace House moves back to Japan and to Karuizawa. Six new people moves into a big house in the forest. One boy who looks like he would cry if his house mates eats his wagyu. The token model wannabe girl. The token haafu. An older dude with a mustache. A hockey player and a digital nomad. Will someone finally get laid? Or will the lack of love hotels make it awkward? Will Seina visit them and stir shit up?

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  • przidnt

    thank you so much for this!

  • CP

    Thank you! Netflix Japan paywalling us again!

  • Dave Phelps


  • przidnt

    LMFAO! Nice touch with the title. “TERRIBLE NEW DOORS!” LOLLL!

  • Guest007

    Thank you!

  • Patrick Wu

    Terrible House, I just wanna say…you guys are the best. Thank you for doing this. You do not know how much happiness you bring me and my family.

  • Xi Kuang

    Thank you!!!!

  • ichidome

    thanks for picking this up!

  • Richard Bevan

    will there be any more episodes of boys x girls next door? Here it finished at series 4 but I think there are 8 series in total

  • Jerry Juggingham

    How do I get the subtitles to work? Sorry im a noob

  • IYA

    Sorry I am a newbie here! How to put subtitles? Can’t seem to find it!! Both hardsubbed and .srt 🙁

    • ton gallardo

      try using VLC player, automatically shows the subs

  • ton gallardo

    Just starting on this one now, while waiting for BxGND episodes 🙂 Arigato gozaimuch!