Terrace House – Boys x Girls Next Door S05E05 – Week 55

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Translations by Costco Subs. MKV release by Terrible House.

Synopsis: Tecchan goes on a date with maimai. Daiki catches a crab almost as big as Mi-ko’s boobs.

Edit: Sorry for fucking up the torrent. I forgot to add the fonts in the MKV file. Please download version 2.

[Torrent v2] [Magnet v2]

  • choco prince

    thank you for the speedy upload!!

  • itchy

    Go Tecchan go!

  • jp2123

    What is Tecchan doing!? SMH…. That date went perfect, and then he just completely ruins it after… I don’t know if I can keep rooting for Tecchan…. 🙁

    • Rollie Roar

      You’ll see soon enough. Tecchan is doing that on purpose. It’s his way of turning Maimai down.

      • jp2123

        Hmmm… don’t spoil me tho. I know the show been out for years but just watching this for first time. Much better than the present season.

  • DatBoySheesh

    for some reason, episode 55 doesn’t have subtitles for me! please help!

    • Kateliese

      Subtitles don’t appear for me either, anyone has any advice?

    • Generic Brotagonist

      Looks like somehow the fonts for the dialogue and on screen text got mixed up. They’re kind of hard to see at points, but they’re there.

  • yuudaiclone


  • Swagdiel

    Arigato Oji! I was stalking this page every 5 hours for the new video 😀

  • Thanks!

  • 高伦


  • DatBoySheesh

    Thank you for version 2! love you long time

  • Arvin Eugenio

    hello may i ask when you’re updating week 56?

    • Hebphone

      Mannn… me and my wife got addicted in this thing and now… no more updates! Anxiously waiting for it!!!

      • ruegnueg

        I watched 62 yesterday. is it that hard to Google? disqus Blocks my links

        • Hebphone

          Do you have the entire season 05??

          • ruegnueg

            yes watched season 6 Episode 1 lately.

          • Hebphone

            Ok. So what should I type on google to find ur links?

          • ruegnueg

            actually some source Was posted here somewhere… you can try TecchanHouse.
            or just use a torrent search engine.

          • Hebphone

            Sorry fella, couldnt find the season 05 episodes following ur tip on google, piratebay and kickass. Thanks anyway!

  • Paul Rymer

    Thank you again for the upload – when will the next be available?

  • Herr Reinert

    Why no updates anymore? 😔

  • BeaveVillage

    Hey, get back to work! I’m eager to see Seina-San in the house again. Once the work is done, you may rest–just think how amazing that feeling will be. (I would lmao if Netflix then threw them all up on Netflix with English subs afterwards xD)

    • itchy

      I’m hoping Netflix is doing exactly that — it’s probably taking a while, since they have to translate into a bunch of different languages, not just English.

  • 高伦

    when to updating week56 to week58

  • Howie Wu

    I wonder if this is the longest wait ever. I need more MaiMai drama asap!

  • yumpickles!

    Y’all are welcome to support them on Patreon — supporters have access to episodes up til week 59.

    • Warren Stone

      Do you need to have access to Japan’s Netflix though? Or can you download episodes like on here?

    • itchy

      All of a sudden they’re trying to make money off of this? Seems kind of shady….

      • Ikutas

        It’s not shady when they are putting in hard hours of actual work into providing translations for us to watch. Giving them money is a way to support them to continue to make good translations.

        • itchy

          It’s not their content. Doing this as fans of the show is one thing. Doing this to make money is quite another.

      • yumpickles!

        If you’ve ever subbed anything you’d know what difficult, laborious work it is. No one is making you pay for the subs, so you’re free to keep waiting for Oji.

    • itchy

      That’s Costco subs and they’re only putting up the subtitles files, not the videos — and they’re making people pay for something they don’t own.

      • yumpickles!

        No one’s making you sign up, just saying, if you want to watch that bad there are ways to watch. Until then y’all are held hostage by whenever Oji reappears.

        • itchy

          I’m hoping Netflix is busy making an official release of the original series. In the meantime, I’m happy watching the new one.

  • Shida Aruya

    thankyou soooo much for all of the episodes! Can’t wait for the next one 🙂

  • When can we expect new episodes?

  • destinycake

    Thank you for your work!!
    Terrace House is really great! I love the Boys x Girls Next Door season a lot!! ❤️
    I hope you can update it soon~ 😊

  • Lucas Rangel

    (i’m from Brazil; so, sorry for my stupid english). If someone could download the last 5 episodes from Netflix Japan, I can provide the subtitles (just got them from Cosco and convert to srt). Let’s make a community site.

  • IncCo

    PLEEEEAASE come back! Onegaishimasu!

    • ruegnueg

      dudes Google is your friend. TecchanHouse . wordpress . com