• Tikit

    Thank you again oji. You the real MVP!

  • Swagdiel

    Arigato Oji san, owe you so much!

  • itchy

    Hard to compete with those dimples!

  • Athip Vichuchaianan

    Thank you!!

  • Raidori07

    thank you Oji! There’s two scenarios lucha libre wrestling with each other in my mind right now. Scenario 1: maimai chan is really just a naive sheltered rich kid that doesn’t understand fully grasp social ques of the general population and what is right and what is stepping over a boundary. so she’s not really snaking her way to yo san and trying to steal him away from rinata chan. she just likes him as a potential friend and is simply expressing that without a filter, which is the only way her naive brain can function without going haywire. Scenario 2: Her saying she really doesn’t mean to give flirtatious signs to yo san but is just innocently expressing platonic interest, is a front…she’s actively trying to steal rinata chan’s guy away. and she isn’t really interested in tecchan she just said so to stand out and help her career. Idk about you guys, but I live scenario 1 WAY better. after binge watchin black mirror I need some happy endings in my life.

    • asdzxc

      If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.

  • yuudaiclone

    thanks so much!! love what i’m seeing here…