• ia5rumas

    Yay! Thank you, Oji!

  • Raidori07

    rina chan’s heart to heart with yo san was the best moment in terrace house history for me hands down. so real. other than that, at a loss for word right now lol…the best and worst episode. can somebody get my boy tecchan an anime pillow to cry himself asleep with?

  • callonesoon

    Geez! That episode was painful to watch. Maimai is like Visitor Q (or Terence Stamp in Teorema), and our hero, Tecchan, is her first victim…

  • Swagdiel

    MaiMai, don’t you dare break RinYo and Tecchan’s heart at the same time! You’re cute, but you’re messier than Midori!
    Also ARIGATO OJI!!!!

  • Greg

    I think it’s obvious that Maimai said she liked Tecchan, to get into the house at the audition stage. It’s also clear she did it to further her profile and singing career. Once she got in, she went on one ‘date’ to cover up her charade. It’s obvious she had zero cares for him. Feel for Tecchan, the kid needs a break and he is my favourite. I know this was filmed years ago, so hoping it has worked out for him. The next episodes can’t come soon enough.

    • jp2123

      Now that you say that, I can believe it. Poor Tecchan I was so happy for him. Then that plot twist when she said he was too smooth… Tecchan? Smooth? lol

    • Raidori07

      That thought definitely passed my mind. but after pondering for a while I think maimai chan is interested in tecchan, her interactions with him looked sincere. she is just not afraid to flirt with anybody she want to and jump on the next shiny new ride whenever it presents itself. kinda similar to michan, but the guys seem actually interested in maimai lol…. and two of the guys are in budding relationships. so basically this is a powder keg waiting to explode.

  • yuudaiclone

    thanks!! what an ep…