Terrace House – Boys x Girls Next Door S04E12 – Week 50

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Translations by Costco Subs. MKV release by Terrible House.

(Season 4 finale. Stay tuned for season 5)

Synopsis: Midori turns 21 and throws a birthday party. The house mates prepares to move to a new house. They get kicked out due to excessive wine stains and lack of sex in the house.

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  • przidnt

    LMFAO! Your descriptions are hilarious!

  • itchy

    The Japanese have sex?

  • Matthias Helm

    Thanks soo much! Another 3 Seasons (8 Seasons in total) of Tecchan House! Wow. I think we will watch this show till Fall 2018 XD

  • Robert

    Thank you again, Oji-san!

  • ia5rumas

    Thank you Oji! Can’t hardly wait to see the new house, new roommate and what may or may not happen between Daikun and Mi-chan.

  • Naf Na

    Lmao thank u Oji 🙂

  • Raidori07

    yeah the lack of hook ups is starting to become frustrating. the production director needs to do a better job getting frisky freaks on board instead of random ppl that are there for free housing and promotion. I wanna see some scandaly clad catfighting by two members because the stud of the house piped them both the same night and they found out by gossiping with each other the next day. give me the juicy.

  • Nathan

    Any chance of a batch torrent?

  • yuudaiclone

    thank you!!

  • Ambrosio Bagatelli

    Thanks for the hard work. There are a couple of torrents that are down. For example this one:
    Terrace House – Boys x Girls Next Door S04E12

    Any someone could re-up?