Terrace House – Boys x Girls Next Door S04E01 – Week 39

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Translations by Costco Subs. MKV release by Terrible House.

(My favorite Terrace House, Densetsu No Tecchan, is back)

Synopsis: New house mates enter the house. A girl that sounds like she is 5 year old. The show’s first haafu that speaks English, a guy that does a little bit of everything (like Tecchan, but good, and he have a job) and also speaks English (or so he thinks). Daiki sucks at English. I hope they drink a lot of wine.

Edit: Sorry, forgot download links. Fixed now.

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    It’s on Nyaa as usual https://nyaa.si/view/994532

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  • Greg

    Just wanted to say thank you to all you people who upload this show and add the subtitles. I only discovered this show a few months back and I really love it. As someone who is interested in Japanese culture, it’s both interesting and entertaining to see how Japanese people react in real life, such as greetings – which are super formal and in their love lives. Talking of their love lives, I’m surpried Japan even has a population, due to how ‘terrible’ they are or seem to be at dating and relationships. Anyway thanks again.

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      OND ep 4 too. Is it forgotten already?

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    You know these waits between episodes of Boys x Girls is agonizing, didn’t these used to release a lot faster?

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    Thanks so much for your work here!! I love the show very much 😀

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